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Experience the difference when you have Citi by your side.

Citi knows how important it is to work with an investor who can help you build a sustainable business on a foundation of quality. We are committed to the correspondent business and have been a leading investor in the industry for many years. We have improved our risk management and refined our process to deliver quality business to our investors. You can benefit from our experience in many ways:

Dedicated Teams

Sales Team - Our highly experienced Team of seasoned mortgage experts can help you accomplish more by taking advantage of their vast knowledge of both Citi and the industry.

National Client Services - Dedicated Team of mortgage professionals who can answer questions about products, pricing, and reporting. They also offer training to make it easier for you to do business with Citi.

Client Excellence Team - Serves as the single point of contact to assist the Correspondent with its loan purchase pipeline. The team manages all incoming loan level suspense-related inquiries facilitate acceptable loan purchase cycle times.


The Citi S.A.F.E. (Secure, Accurate, Fast, Efficient) Technology Suite puts you in control by providing technology tools to enhance your purchase efficiency. These online solutions include eImaging, eRegistration, eInfo and eManagement - the tools you need to manage your business with Citi.


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Delivery Executions

Best Efforts, Single Loan Mandatory, Assignment of Trade, Direct Trade and Block Trade delivery options are available so you can choose the delivery execution that is right for your business, giving you a more competitive offering in the marketplace.

 Whether it's offering delivery options to optimize your cash flow, providing competitive pricing, or delivering online tools and the support you need to keep your pipeline moving, Citi will go the extra step to exceed your expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a Citi Correspondent client please contact National Client Services at (800) 967-2205**.

Profile: Citi's Correspondent Channel purchases closed government and conventional residential mortgage loans on a flow basis from Correspondents and other mortgage originators throughout the country, while also specializing in a wide range of mortgage solutions. Citi, a leading global financial services company, capitalizes on the strengths and synergies of a true industry leader yet differentiates itself with the ability to provide personalized service and custom solutions to clients.